The Incredible Shrinking Woman

screenshot_20160921-161528Another 1 and 1/2 lb off this week, so 2 stone 5lbs gone and just 2lb til my next award. Having spent the best part of my shift yanking up my jeans, I bought myself 3 new pairs of trousers yesterday…I’ve gone from a getting tight size 26 to a snug size 20 (but I can sit down no problem, but in about 3lb they will be perfect! Soooo happy x


Meet Tinker-belle our new puppy.  She’s a chihuahua / Yorkshire terrier cross or Chorkie as Graham has dubbed her ‘breeding’!

What is it these days with people? I know people who’ve paid £1000s for what used to be known as mutts/mongrels…it used to be that you had to have pure breeding and a pedigree to charge lots of money for the puppies.

Anyway on Wednesday week she will have had her second jab and then we’ll be able to take her out for walks on the pavement only. She’ll be able to go anywhere after her 3rd jab so that’s going to add even more exercise into my lifestyle.


Finally; milestone reached!

I lost 3.5lbs this week and finally got my 2 stone award, which also meant I achieved Club 10 too.

I also won Slimmer of the Week and the raffle; a jar of Beanies Irish Cream flavoured instant coffee (syn free)  and the new issue of Slimming World magazine. (£5.25 worth of product…not bad for a 50p stake)

Did I mention that I also won Slimmer of the Month (total loss of 9lb) for August too?

I’m on a roll ladies and gentlemen and with a total loss of 2 stone 3lbs I only have 4lb left for my next award!!! Happy me. I have set myself a target of 2lbs a week for the next two weeks, so back to the gym go I tomorrow and regularly thereafter and let’s get down to losing some serious weight before the end of the year.

Our flights are booked and I can’t wait for December 30th as me and Graham, mum and dad are off to spend New Years with Hayley and Keith in their villa in Alicante… A Viva Espania!

The Tale of the Tape Versus The Stats of the Scales.

There is a grand misconception that muscle weighs heavier than fat!


It weighs the same; a lb is a lb in any language and on any scale, but its the physical space it takes up that changes.

When following a healthy eating and exercise regime (SW is not a diet) you will lose fat which takes up lots of space and gain muscle which takes a lot less.

That is why the tape measure becomes a more accurate monitor of progress than the scales.

Unfortunately it seems, BMI is calculated on weight ratio in relation to height which doesn’t account for this swapping over of lbs mass as opposed to lbs space…is it not surprising we are all MANIC???


Today’s breakfast…waffles…yummy and only 1.5 syns for the WHOLE lot! 🙂 I love this not a diet, diet 😉


And here we have one of my creations!

Now breakfast is an important meal as it gets your body working and metabolism moving. And there’s nothing that gets your body working like fibre. And you ain’t seen fibre til you’ve seen Scan Bran!

42g fibre per 100g

In SW there is a ‘thing’ called the SCAN BRAN CHALLENGE and by doing this challenge (eating 5 pieces of scan bran every day for 5 days) you could get a weight loss boost; I did but not everyone does. Now there are those that can eat this like ordinary crispbread! These people are hard-core and I’m not one of them. However the pic at the top of the page was my breakfast invention and it was scrummy!

Recipe for my Overnight Scan Bran breakfast:

5 x scan bran broken into bits and soaked in hot, strong coffee to soften (I also added some Mocha flavoured skinny syrup into the coffee) when cooked drain excess, then flavour a tub of quark with said skinny syrup or a sachet of chocolate Options (2syns) and layer on top. The final layer is frozen berries, then cover and leave overnight in the fridge.

In the morning remove and enjoy but drink loads of water or sugar free squash to help your body digest the bran and be prepared for ‘improved’ bowel movements.

IBS sufferers are best to use the oat scan bran in the yellow pack as it is gentler on the system but still as effective as the original.

Scan Bran can be purchased from your SW group or online.